No Wsc® No Sex Baseball Shirt (Sand)


Enough said.


If you need an oversized shirt that makes a bold statement, go for the No Wsc No Sex Shirt. The brown shirt comes with animal patterned sleeves, while the signature "No Wsc No Sex" graphic is enhanced with round nailheads for the wow effect. The vibrant eccentric vibe will empower you, while the premium breathable fabric feels so comfortable.

T Shirt S M L XL 2XL


64.5 66.5 68.5 70.5
WAIST 58.5 60.5 62.5 64.5 66.5
CHEST 59 61 63 65 67
NECK WIDTH 21 21.5 22 22.5 23
SLEEVE 67 68 69 70 71
CUFF 13.5 14 14.5 15 15.5

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