Care for your jewelry

To ensure your jewelry remains beautiful as the years pass, we recommend following these guidelines for its care: store products back in the provided pouch to ensure the jewelry is maintained · All jewelry comes with pouch and jewelry box, in case you lose a pouch store jewelry in the box · Jewelry should be routinely cleaned and cleaned immediately after any substance is caught · Air dry all jewelry · When cleaning gold and silver products use warm water · Products with pearls must be cleaned on a more routine basis using a soft cloth and plain water · Prevent jewelry from encountering other jewelry to prevent the possibility of erosion or damage · Keep away from extremely high or low temperatures · Although it is not required, all jewelry can be polished (we are not responsible for alterations caused from polishing) · Although not recommended, all products can be showered or bathed in · Should jewelry require specific care we recommend you book an appointment here and come visit us at the Whensmokeclears factory · We are not responsible for any damage or deterioration of products not following these instructions · With proper care all Whensmokeclears jewelry will maintain quality for years on end