Whensmokeclears® continues to highlight the evolution of the digital renaissance with their first-ever live Spring/Summer 2023 collection entitled 1-800-WHENSMOKECLEARS®. Each garment distinctly expresses admiration for those who consider America a second home. Communication has become a basic need for survival we all rely on to function properly. Whether we’re in intimate settings or out in society none of our efforts would be effective without these tools that helped advance our civilization forward.

This 20-piece collection takes a literal approach exploring telecommunication technology as an extension of humankind by embedding anchoring elements such as calling cards, translucent phone cases, harnesses, Radiant Heart metal hardware, denim, and cotton. 1-800-WHENSMOKECLEARS® emphasizes our desire to connect further with those other than ourselves by letting the extent of our reach be felt through two-piece garments, in yellow, pink and blue colorways, reimagining their staple World Pants inspired by global connectivity.